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About Alexandra

This is the page on every site where the author talks about themselves in the 3rd person. It's awkward but it might prove useful for an epitaph.

Alexandra has more than 10 years of experience in product related roles from key Norwegian tech companies.

She joined Trolltech/Nokia in 2008 to create and execute its first developer focusing social media strategy. She transitioned to the role of product owner for the Qt Developer Network where she was responsible for product strategy and feature definition. The site grew to about 2 million unique visits per month at the beginning of 2012.

In summer 2012, Alexandra joined CFEngine as first full-time designer where she led and executed a complete redesign of CFEngine’s Enterprise application, its Design Center UI, and documentation site based on customer feedback, as well as her own user research.

After a consulting period where she further improved her interaction design and front-end development skills, Alexandra joined Ardoq in February 2016 to build out its design function. She executed a complete overhaul of the application’s look and feel, and gradually took on more product management responsibility

Alexandra also proposed and managed changes to Ardoq’s internal product development and communication processes, and contributed to the company’s hiring efforts.

She joined VIBBIO in November 2017 as her ambitions aligned beautifully with the founder's vision for the company.

She rebuilt the engineering team from the ground up, redesigned the application UI, and took full ownership of VIBBIO’s product strategy, in addition to her contributions to building the company itself.

It was time to move on in November 2021, and she joined BRYTER as Principal PM.

Before moving to Norway, Alexandra worked as a soprano at theatres and concert halls all over Germany, and ran her own web development agency.

She has contributed to open source projects such as KDE, Exorcism, and Rails Girls, co-organises the Web Rebels Javascript conference, and is regularly invited to speak at tech conferences all over Europe.

Alexandra has a masters degree in opera and stage performance from the University for Dance and Music in Cologne.

She has published her detailed curriculum vitae on this page.

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