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ampersand Nevertheless

Akademy 2008

I went to my first Akademy this year. And I get the strong feeling that I should have kept my mouth shut a lot of work is ahead of me. As you might have noticed there is a promo team. And we do work, too. We came up with some nice and hopefully helpful ideas during our BoFs. There will be a complete new system to help everybody on organizing events which is already under development and we agreed on using common web2.0 services to raise attention among new user groups. Stay tuned for news on this topic. Personally, I learnt a lot although I had to work over the weekend and therefor couldn't hear a single talk. I enjoyed meeting people face to face I only knew the names of and get to know new ones, talk about ideas and turn them into plans. We'll see which ones will finally become reality... And if you want to read more inspired blog entries than this one, head over to Wade Olson...

Tags: kde, akademy, kde-promo