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Call for Help

Die Stadtkirche Winterthur (Schweiz) von Nordo...
Die Stadtkirche Winterthur (Schweiz) von Nordo...

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1.5 years ago, Franz was in the same position as I am now: he needed a helping hand. And unfortunately it's the same event again. There is an OpenExpo in Winterthur coming up on 23rd and 24th September and so far noone has stepped up to organize it. These expos are nice events (incl. catering) and stunningly well organized by /ch/open - there is really not much to do. So it's the perfect opportunity for beginners. If you don't have any plans for those days and would like to dip your feet into booth organization, drop us a line at kde-promo at kde dot org. I can send you last year's material for registering the booth and am happy to help out if you run into questions. Deadline for registering the KDE booth is 19th June. Update, 19th June: Myriam was so kind to register the booth in time. She will need some help though. You can still raise your hand and get involved. :)

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