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ampersand Nevertheless

Farewell Jamaica

I have finally recovered from the trip to Jamaica. It took me the whole weekend, though. Maybe staying up late didn't really help... Or I'm just getting old.

CampKDE was a cozy but great meeting and I really enjoyed spending time with people I already knew rather well and those I hadn't met before. Although distractions were many, I got to all the topics I had on my list and learnt a lot from Mauricio and - I must admit - Wade. Quite some new ideas take shape in my head and I really hope to make at least a part of those reality. For example: what do members of the Spanish speaking communities think about a Spanish blog aggregation around KDE? What about Portuguese? Is there already a place for this on the web? Please, comment with thoughts and hints, I am not really at home in both languages...

And speaking of the net: there is a flickr group collecting photos from campKDE. So if you happen to have your pics uploaded there, shoot me a message and I will add you to the group so you can share them there.