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ampersand Nevertheless

Get 'em all!

As you may have noticed, KOffice is approching a 2.0 release. There is still some work to do and here's where you come in. It was already announced on the dot: Sunday (which is tomorrow) will be the first official KOffice Bug Day. Or Krush Mastery as Lemma called it.

We'll start at 7:00 UTC and gather on #kde-bugs to hunt down known bugs and find some new in the latest release. Let's make KOffice 2 the best and coolest office suite out there in the world and help the developers by providing the best and most useful bugreports we can come up with and cheer them on! If you can spare some time, don't hesitate to join us. You don't need any coding skills, a working install of KOffice 2.0 beta2 will do. But watch out, summertime ends tonight!

For more information please have a look at these articles on techbase: KOffice Bug Day 1: Triage KOffice Bug Day 1: Krush Thanks to the BugSquad for organizing this. :)