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ampersand Nevertheless

I Need You!

Well, it's not me alone actually. But it made a good headline. ;) I registered a booth at the OpenExpo in Winterthur and would be glad about any helping hand there. Luca Gugelmann and Roland Wolters gave me a vague "Yes" but both couldn't really promise anything yet. To help me out you don't have to be super-expert or developer, being able to talk about and show some KDE4 goodness will be absolutely fine. Most questions that arise are of a more general kind. Plus: you won't be alone there. If you feel like becoming an active part of the community, this is a good point to start from. This doesn't mean I don't want any experienced booth babes. Just to get that straight. ;) The event is scheduled for 24th and 25th of September, so there is still some time to get it all set. Drop me a comment or an email (for address see below) and I'll lend you a hand. [UPDATE] If you want to add yourself to the list, here's the link to the wiki page Eckhart kindly set up.

Tags: KDE, community, events