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ampersand Nevertheless

KDE release event in Zurich

I attended the 4.2 release event in Zurich on Wednesday and I must say: it was pretty crowded. Pascal and Luca and whoelse helped them did a good job on organizing the whole event, including Apéro with FreeBeer and snacks. I listened to the keynote by Georg Greve, President of the FSFE, and to Aaron who impressed with his live presentation. I found a first set of photos on flickr. It gives a nice idea of the event. Usually, for me the more interesting part starts after the official one has ended: the talking to people. I learnt a lot again and I am always surprised how many ex-professional-musicians I meet in Free Software. There must be a special attraction. On Thursday morning, I joined Aaron, Georg, Graeme and Shane at the FSFE office. I mostly listened and learned again. It was great meeting them and absorbing knowledge while drinking tea. Many thanks for letting me abuse their office and wifi and for the input!