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ampersand Nevertheless

KOffice Sprint, Day 2

After an extremely productive and rather well planned Saturday, we kept Sunday for discussions in small groups. The Krita developers moved to the sofas and helped Lukas to clarify the first steps of his SoC project. After a while the moved on to different topics and I read through pages of the Wordpress documentation to find solutions to open questions regarding the website. I didn't get half as much done as I wanted - not quite surprisingly - but I fixed some minor annoyances and talked to Danimo who popped by eventually how to split up both the existing and hopefully soon new created content between main page, wiki, user- and techbase.

During the whole weekend I sensed positive vibes coming from the core developers who were relieved to have finally released. For me, this is the biggest improvement compared to the sprint we had last November. The announcement of Jos van den Oever as first full time developer working on KOffice (who brought great drops!) and the rather high amount of completely new faces surely added to the good mood.

Thanks go to Cyrille for his excellent release management that lead to 2.0 and agenda planning for the sprint, to Thomas for the lovley stickers and postcards, to KDAB who were kind enough to host us at their office and provide us with enough coffee and to the KDE e.V. for sponsoring the whole event. And of course, to everybody who came to Berlin to contribute, discuss and learn.