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ampersand Nevertheless

KOffice sprint recap

Now that I had the time to recover from all this sprint stress and after two nearly contentless blogs, I thought I might go into details which results we actually achieved. Inge, Jos, Sebas and me spend our time on working on a marketing strategy for the new KOffice - as you might have read before. Of course, I won't share our plans here, but the attentive observer of this highly interesting project will most probably come across the neat messages we worked out. We ended up with a nice list of strong selling points and I'm sure that the final release will show that this office suite has a lot of potential, even if the 2.0 version will not be perfect.

Less confidential but not less interesting is the feedback I got on my web concept. Actually it was bought by everybody, only minor issues had to be addressed. We still need to make a final decision on the system we want to use for the landing page - which includes quite some googleing for me - but chances are high that I will come up with something easy to use, easy to maintain and pretty. Thanks to Jarosław for pointing me into a new direction. I hope this might be useful as test case for other projects, especially the lifestream system to show the whole activity around one project that happens anywhere on the net.

It was very interesting for me to meet all those people I only knew from IRC, if at all, and see how they think, work and talk. And I finally understood the usefulness of chatting on IRC while being in the same room: one gets the attention of those that keep staring onto their screen...