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ampersand Nevertheless

KOffice Sprint

This sprint turns out to have been pretty productive. The marketing team (Inge, Jos, Sebas and me) has managed to get all topics covered and now has a finished marketing strategy. I even introduced everybody to the idea of a social stream of all developers involved and people started playing with our demo (thanks to Dirk Olbertz for setting that up!).

Half of the marketing team thinking hard
Hard work

Those developers who have already left apparently did so with a good mood. They worked hard during this two days at the KDAB office (thanks to them for hosting us again!). It didn't even distract them that the office is right in the middle of a huge variety of restaurants, pubs and cocktail bars. There was a lot of more or less quiet hacking going on and I observed some vivid discussions about not so common topics. And of course I learnt some new things like doing a SWOT analysis, that it makes sense to arrive well rested and that wikis can look surprisingly pretty.