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ampersand Nevertheless

LinuxTag 2008

After trying to visit LinuxTag already last year (and failing unfortunately) I made it to Berlin this time. In beforehand some organizing was still needed as Franz Keferböck who initially planned to take care of this couldn't handle it because he temporarily had no internet access. So I jumped in and together with Claudia Rauch - the smart and lovely KDE office girl - we got it going for the booth. I spent most of my time at the booth giving information, answering questions and showing some KDE magic - even on my mac. I met a bunch of new people and matched some names and faces. It even seems I get a program written I have been nagging people for quite a while now. If I manage to compile it that is... There were some really awesome and reliable guys who gave a lot of time and energy to the booth. Most of them dressed in blue KDE t-shirts. Unfortunately I only had my camera phone to take pics which are incredibly blurry. Anyone who wants to send me some? Thomas? Alex? Sebastian? Aaron??? Oh... as I mention Aaron Seigo... I had quite some fun with my geeky company. LinuxTag chose a pretty cool location at Kreuzberg for the social event and although it was freakingly hot and humid inside and the music wasn't quite my cup of tea I enjoyed the party. I only could have slept a bit more... And now you probably think we mostly had fun and that was all. Oh no. How. Could. You. Ever. ? KDE is worth talking about and all those I listened to did a really good job on it. Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to attend the talks on Friday - KDE had its own track - as I was leaving in the afternoon. And because I am dumb I missed my train and had to take the one that left an hour later. I just couldn't take my eyes off Roland Wolters simply planned my leaving bad enough to arrive at the station in Spandau when the ICE left on the other platform. Note to myself: learn how to read a watch and understand it correctly!

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