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ampersand Nevertheless


I'm back to lovely Switzerland.

Claudia and I arrived yesterday around tea time after missing our connection at Zurich. Travelling by German Bahn always is an adventurous thing... especially when I travel to Switzerland.

During our slightly longer than planned trip I added the final polish to my talk which is scheduled for this early afternoon and wrote my thoughts on a *huge* staple of notecards. I was even asked if I did my homework on the train!

Due to pure coincidence my perfect timing I will give a talk on KOffice 2 right on the day of the first beta release. I somehow landed in the technology track which was quite a shock to me at first sight, but after making up my concept it seems to fit fine... I hope.

So keep your fingers crossed for my first tech-talk and stay tuned for the slides. They will appear soon after my talk sometimes this afternoon. If I have the time that is.

Oh and by the way, if you happen to be in the area drop by. We're at Eulachhallen, somewhere in the back corner close to a coffee machine.

Tags: kde, switzerland, openexpo