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Qt Release Madness

Yummy Cup Cake
cup cake
Qt 4.5 is out. Did you hear the loud sigh of relief coming all the way from the Troll offices? Now it's time for cake. Development has been working hard on this release, it's packed with new features and it's the first version to be released under the LGPL. There was a lot of good feedback beforehand and we're confident that this release is a good one. Or as Jason puts it on his blog on the labs:

"The 4.5.0 release contains a myriad of new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.  Many of these are a result of the feedback we have received from you, the community of Qt users.  Your continued support and feedback is a big part of what makes Qt such a great product."

It's the first time that a complete Qt SDK is out in the wild: it provides developers all they need for cross-platform Qt development in one single binary package and includes the Qt libraries, Qt Creator and the Qt tools. New Qt developers should be finally up and running in no time. Even I managed to install it on my machine and compile a small application. And take a look at this lovely video on YouTube! [Update] Eike blogged about the work on Qt Creator and the Qt SDK packages (and some other things). Honoured readers - this way, please